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Kinds of works

LLC Steelconstruction offers construction and erection works on a turnkey basis in buildings and facilities of any type and kind, constructions and reconstructions of industrial facilities, bridges, overhead crossings and power supply lines.

  1. Manufacturing and installation of metalwares
  2. Architectural and building designing.
  3. Civil and erection works
  4. Designing of bearing constructions on classes and conditions of manufacture
  5. Development of special sections of projects
  6. Technological designing on objects
  7. Erection of bearing and protecting constructions of buildings and constructions, construction and installation of engineering and transport networks (for usual conditions, for new construction, for reconstruction and major overhaul)
  8. Installation of constructions of external engineering networks and systems.
  9. Installation of internal engineering networks, systems, devices and means of measurement.
  10. Protection of constructions, equipment and networks
  11. Installation of the process equipment
  12. Painting and decorating

LLC Steelconstruction, 2008-2009