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History of company

In 1966 the Kharkov specialized department 127 on installation of metalware and modular reinforced concrete for industrial and civil constructions in structure of trust "Kharkovstalkonstruktsiya" has been founded.

The department from 1996 till 2005 has participated in construction of objects of a machine-building factory named after Malyshev, the Kharkov tractor factory, factory Elektrotyazhmash, stadium Metallist, the Palace of Sports Locomotive in the city Kharkov, The Kharkov underground, Kharkov factory in bearings production, factory Konditsioner and of Machine tool plant, treatment facilities of Dikanyovka, Integrated house-building factory No.1 in Kharkov, the Kharkov beer factory, pedestrian bridge of Isyum over the river Seversky Donets, metallurgical works of Alchevsk in Donetsk, ore-dressing and processing enterprise of Poltava, the Kharkov tiled factory and many others.

Experts of Department these years had been involved in performance of civil and erection works in the abroad countries: Mongolia,India, Afghanistan, Egypt, Nigeria.

In 1981 for the first time in our country by the department had been executed installation of a television tower of 242 m height.

By means of helicopter MI-10K in 1984 have been mounted spark catchers at the Kharkov tractor and Machine-tool constructing factories.

In 1992 it was found the structural division of LLC Steelconstruction on the basis of the Kharkov specialized department 127 and and is specialized on performance of civil and erection works of industrial and civil purpose, and also of objects of advanced complexity of execution, engineering constructions and of installation of the process equipment.

The Enterprise designs objects of industrial and civil construction, develops working drawings of KMD, products metalwares, makes a zero cycle, carries out a building part of buildings, constructions, including engineering communications, electric systems, waterpipe, hot water supply, the water drain and all kinds of painting and decorating.

In 2007 the enterprise worked on construction of the Toyota-center in Kharkov, reconstruction of the Toyota-center in Sumy, of concentrating factory Donetskstal in the city Krasnoarmeysk, had constructed four boiler-houses in Pervomaysk of the Kharkov region, continued to work on treatment facilities of Dikanyovka, PC Baltsem, reconstruction of stadium Metallist and others.

Huge experience has been collected on performance of civil and erection works from a zero cycle to delivery of object on a turn-key basis, both on objects of city of Kharkov, and in the field of and in various regions of Ukraine.

The reputation concerning the qualitative performance of civil and erection works is confirmed by such considerable customers as: the Southern railway, sport center Metallist, factory PC Baltsem, Volchansky meat packing plant Ltd., Balakleysky enterprise of poultry farming Ltd., ore-dressing and processing enterprise of Poltava and others.

The Enterprise has its industrial base with shop on manufacture of 5000 t. of metalwares per year, with own access railways. The industrial base is equipped by full gantry crane with carrying capacity of 30 t., and the tower crane with carrying capacity of 9 t.

Having nine caterpillar cranes with carrying capacity of 25-40 t., having three truck cranes with carrying capacity of 12-32 t. and one unique crane with carrying capacity of 70 t., its own motor transport, having at list 600 person of workers and TO, the enterprise can carry out all complex of civil and erection works of any complexity, in qualitative way and in agreed terms.

The Basis of our enterprise is workers and technical officers with a huge long-term operational experience in construction, and also hardworking and vigorous youth capable to adopt relay race from veterans.

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