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Our Customers

The enterprises of Kharkov, Kharkov region and other regions of Ukraine.

LLC Steelconstruction carried out civil and erection works for such organizations as:

  • Southern railway
  • Sports complex "Metallist"
  • "AVTOART" LLC ("TOYOTA" dealer)
  • Beer factory "Rogan"
  • Joint-Stock Company "Donetskstal-metal works"
  • Factory "Baltsem"
  • "Uralbud-Ukraine" Ltd.
  • Factory "AHMAD-TEA"
  • "Volchansky meat-packing plant" Ltd.
  • "Partner" Ltd. (network of supermarkets "Rost")
  • "Grasso" Ltd.
  • The Kharkov tiled factory
  • Authority of construction, repair and reconstruction of department of town-planning, architecture and ground relations of the Kharkov city council, etc.

Design works were carried out for the organizations:

  • The Ukrainian railway
  • Bank "Merkury"
  • PC Kharkov machine-building factory Svet Shakhtera
  • Pervomaysky mechanical factory
  • Firm "Formopak"
  • Firm "Stroma"
  • Firm "Digma"
  • Firm "Lex"
  • Enterprise "Rentabud", etc.

LLC Steelconstruction, 2008-2009